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Emma’s Pamphlets: To the Glee Writers
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Faberry wins another online poll


Sorry for the delay. I couldn’t find the website’s url! I’m so proud of us. We did it again! Here’s to us! ;P

I thought all y’all were done with the polling. 

Also, the Pacey/Joey is a nice comparison, but this is Glee.


There is a certain individual, that I’ve just talked about, that is currently culling tumblr for any known LGBTQ’s information, including finding personal information such as YOUR ADDRESS. 


Please, PLEASE, do NOT put any personal information up, as she is also potentially sending out this contact information to additional hate groups. 

Please try and pass this on and warn as many people as you can. 

This is her current blog. 



You really think they can carry the torch for that long?

So since we get to wait til April

What are the odds the writers hope the Faberry thing dies down and then stick Quinn with Joe?

Because seriously? That’s a long time. What are faberry shippers gonna do, make Faberry trend every Tuesday during the hiatus?


I really think the writers troll Faberry

E! Couples Poll Results

I have to point this out. I’m rolling over here at the shocked “WTF?” plus “wow…” tone of the blurb they wrote out for the results.

Glee stanning

I’m gonna go on a nice delusional stanny rant, so anyone who reads my blog for critical thinking or actual news should probably scroll on down.

That locker montage in Quinn’s number was obviously a visual symbol of her past, all aspects of her past and her high school times. And it’s also to tell us that she’s started that process of growing up, looking on and moving forward. She’s starting to let go. No doubt she’ll relish her final months of high school, but this is a young woman who has finally realized she’s got an amazing future ahead of her and that her high school years aren’t going to be the highlight of her life anymore. And she’s looking forward to that.

And, like so many of us, her high school friendships are going to simmer down or completely out in intensity once she graduates. She might still keep in touch with a few of them on a semi-regular basis via facebook, but those relationships are never going to be the same again, because everyone of these kids has their own, unique chapter that’s closing and their own, unique chapter that’s about to start. This is the only time in their lives that their chapters are all intertwined like this. Quinn, who has just discovered that she HAS a future and HAS a thrilling new chapter on the verge of being written, is making her peace with this and is starting to look beyond high school.

Will she always love her high school friends? Yes, they’ll always hold a warm place in her heart. But they are her past, not her future. Everyone shown in that montage is part of her past and she’ll let them go when she moves on.

Curiously though, Rachel’s face is covered up. Now, easy logic says that’s a dig at their convoluted relationship. MY logic, which I already warned about in the top of this post, says otherwise. Namely, Quinn and Rachel’s past relationship has already ended. Their three and a half year high school relationship built on bullying, confusion, falsities and constantly circling each other ended at 2011 Sectionals, once and for all. They didn’t need a photo of Rachel in her locker, because that relationship has already been put to bed.

By covering up Rachel’s face, Quinn is denying her new relationship with Rachel a place on the wall of her past. This relationship with Rachel is her present and possibly her future. These two are on equal footing now, with Quinn having been through enough hard knocks to see Rachel’s life in a few years after high school, knowing full well that her relationship with Finn is going to end. These two women, both going into acting, living only hours away from each other and a common link in a bold and uncertain future (along with Kurt, who I also didn’t see in that locker) would only naturally be drawn to bond with one another.

Quinn covered up Rachel’s face because she’s not letting Rachel go. Rachel isn’t going to be her past. Quinn covered up Rachel’s face because unlike the others, with Rachel? She’s not going to say goodbye.